Pencils of Promise

In musings on April 9, 2012 at 12:26 pm

Hey everybody!

For the month of April, I’m taking a bit of liberty and using the space I have with earphone adventures to ask you for your support.

I’ve decided to donate my 25th birthday to raising money for Pencils of Promise, a fantastic non-profit organization who empowers youth to make a difference, and works with local communities in several countries to build schools and create a sustainable form of education where its needed.

I met the founder, Adam Braun (@AdamBraun) in Chicago a few years ago and he spoke to a small group of people about what lead him to start PoP. I’ve been following their progress since and been really inspired by the organization.

Since its my 25th birthday, I’d like to rally support from my friends and family to raise $2500.


Here’s how we can reach the $2500 goal:

If 250 people donate $10 each.

If 125 people donate $20 each.

If 50 people donate $50 each.


I would be incredibly grateful for your support in this cause, and I encourage you to consider donating your birthday or other special events to organizations you love.

You can follow this link to my fundraising page (brady.stayclassy.org).

Have a wonderful day, and thanks in advance. :)

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