Native Son EP (Harlan)

In albums, current listenings, tracks to listen to on April 30, 2012 at 2:02 pm

Harlan is an artist musician with a fresh style that combines genres including some bluesy-rock guitar riff and some electronic beats with a good funky groove.

He is currently finishing up his debut LP, but his six-track EP, Native Son, already has some really great tracks and is an easy listen. He’s got a cool sound. I love that there is an electronic influence on some funk-rock tracks. It provides this kind of updated sound that’s got a bit more of a refined, packaged sound (and I mean that in a good way).

Tracks like “Private Party” and “Dancing On The Bed” make me want to bust a move. Actually, the chorus of “Private Party” reminds me a bit of Prince, which is definitely due to some of the synths in the background and that driving guitar fill that starts a few bars into the song.

I also love “I Never”, which has fantastically simple keyboards and a chorus based on chords that just seem to sit really nicely in the air. There’s a playful determination to the song that I love. Harlan’s voice is smooth, honest, and expressive which is a nice compliment to some of the tracks that have more electronic or synth-based beats.

Harlan is actually playing the 100th show at the LA-NY party, School Night, on Monday, April 30th (which might be tonight, depending on where are you are in the world right now). He also has a residency every Monday night in May at LA Echo – awesome!

You can listen to a stream of the Native Son EP on Harlan’s website and watch his great debut video below. And of course, if you like his tunes, check out his EP on iTunes or stop by LA Echo one Monday in May.

Happy Monday, music fans.

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