Time To Realize (Lemaitre)

In current listenings, tracks to listen to on May 31, 2012 at 9:00 am


Dance it up to this fresh track from Lemaitre, a Norwegian indie-beat duo comprising of Ketil & Ulrik. Off their Relativity 2 EP, “Time To Realize” is a catchy dance tune with some soft and smooth synths to fill out the sound. In other words, it makes you want to move without tiring you out with intense wave-synths that drone on in your ear. No, this track is silky and breezy and still dance-worthy.

Not only is it a sweet dance track, the lyrics have subtle suggestions that maybe, just maybe, its about the infamous North Korean political regime. Not what you first expect, right? “I’m born in 84, or 83, whatever, who the fuck knows”, is a pretty sneaky reference to how little we know about Kim Jong-Un, but when you combine that with the military-interrogation themed video, which you can watch below, it is a little more obvious.

It sounds heavy, but Lemaitre keeps the tune light. The dancer in the video suggests that we shouldn’t take it too seriously, even if it is a real sentiment written about the North. Without seeing the video and listening too carefully, you would have no idea.

Check out this track and let me know your thoughts!

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