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Float (KO KO)

In current listenings, tracks to listen to on May 22, 2012 at 1:30 pm

There’s only two ways that tracks with whistling can go: really phenomenal, or really, really phenomenally bad. In general, I’ve gotta say, I love whistling and I think most people do (its jovial and fun and light-hearted). In fact, my good friend recently decided to improve his whistling skills so he literally worked on it for a few months. You’ll be happy to know that his whistling has improved.

But back on track: KO KO starts off this beautiful and breezy track with some whistling that sets a nice little melody in motion. Its repeated throughout the song, although the whistling isn’t always there. I can’t find much information about KO KO except that they have a Bandcamp page with three songs that I really enjoy. One of these songs, is “Float”. Its a catchy pop song with a simple and intimate feeling that touches on life issues, both personal and career-related. It gives me this feeling of being in an “in-between” kind of state. There is a sense of determination, mixed with some insecurity about achieving different goals in life. I love the sound of this tune with its relentlessly light and easy hook and dream-like feeling that the synths create. This is a great Summer song if you are loving the sunshine but feeling a little bit introspective.

As far as I can tell, KO KO is made up of two California brothers, Ryan and Taylor Lawhon, with the assistance of other musicians in their area. If you like “Float”, you’ll probably like their three-track release on Bandcamp. They’ve offered it up for free download a few times in the past, so keep your eye out and it might just happen again!

Sending you all some Tuesday love…


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